Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening
Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening? | Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur

What Are the Methods of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Some of you might not be familiar with the teeth whitening process, and it could be intimidating for first-timers without prior experience who would like to try it out. According to studies, people with whiter teeth are perceived to be more outgoing, smart, and friendly. Some people consider it as a sign of attractiveness when it comes to social interaction.


However, if your teeth are stained or showing discolouration, you definitely will feel self-conscious about giving a vibrant smile. Anyone can get yellowing teeth even if they stick to a good dental hygiene practice, this is a natural occurrence as we grow older. It happens due to the thinning of tooth enamel, exposing more of the hidden yellow dentin. If staining has become your source of frustration or reason for having low self-esteem, good teeth whitening by a dental professional would offer you a much-needed solution to improving your appearance.


Teeth whitening will require two main products which are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These two products can remove stains on a molecular level when compared with whitening toothpaste that uses an abrasive ingredient to mechanically get rid of surface-level stains. The oxygen molecules within these two products weaken the tooth stain level for easier removal.


There are various options when it comes to teeth whitening methods. One of them is in-office whitening treatment, which is quicker but also comes with a higher price point to lighten up your teeth. On the other hand, some dental clinics offer custom take-home trays that fall between in-office professional whitening and an OTC whitener in terms of treatment cost and time consumed. 

In-Office Whitening

Professional in-office whitening procedures are often conducted through several brief consultations, depending on your specific requirements. The entire session shouldn’t last more than an hour and a half while a whitening agent is left on for 12 to 15-minute intervals.

There are various in-office whitening procedures, including:

  • Polishing of the surface of your teeth. A gingival barrier is applied to protect your gums.
  • A gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide is applied with a syringe.
  • The use of high-intensity light such as UV, LED, or halogen. The light will be applied by a lamp or laser equipment that is placed right outside of your mouth.


Based on a 2016 study from the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, the usage of halogen and laser light, increased teeth lightness more than just using hydrogen peroxide alone. After three weeks, it was found that research participants from the halogen and laser light groups still had white teeth condition achieved from the previous treatment while the non-light groups showed the result of their initially brightened teeth turning darker.


Now some of you might be wondering if light exposure can pose any harmful effects on your well-being. According to a 2020 study in Material, it was found that tooth cells regenerate well after the usage of LED light technology, proving that most side effects are “short-lasting and temporary”.

Take-Home Trays

In-house whitening takes the least amount of time and is shown to be more convenient, but there is also the option of using a take-home tray, albeit relying more on the diligence of the patients to do their part. If you tend to get new stains after each dental treatment, your dentist would probably advise you to get a take-home tray as your alternative treatment or only treatment. 


You can expect your dentist to make an impression on your teeth, and produce a custom-fabricated tray, which will fit perfectly to the shape of your mouth. It is shown to be more effective than OTC (Over-the-Counter) trays. You will most likely be given a carbamide peroxide-based gel that should be placed in a tray and used at home, instead of a hydrogen peroxide-based gel. Despite showing a slower whitening effect as compared to hydrogen peroxide-based gel, you are less exposed to sensitivity when it comes into contact with your tongue, cheek, and gum. 


According to the American Dental Association, the concentration of the gel in the customised trays given by your dentist will typically contain 10% to 38% carbamide peroxide. Duration of treatment will vary according to individuals, it can range from 2 to 10 hours a day, and for up to 28 days. The percentage of carbamide is similar to OTC trays, with the difference being in terms of quality and fit. A customised tray will fit perfectly on your teeth and prevent the gel from slipping up to your gums or being unable to whiten hard-to-reach crevices.

Pre-Whitening Concerns to Discuss With Your Dentist

Whether your whitening treatments produce the bright smile you desire depends on several factors. To begin with, whitening agents are unable to dissolve plaque and buildup. Additionally, whitening a tooth with a cavity or exposed roots may cause sensitivity and discomfort. Before receiving in-office whitening, an examination and professional cleaning are essential.


Lastly, a dentist consultation can help you identify any areas of your teeth that the whitening agent might not be able to have an effect on, such as

  • Areas that are overexposed to fluoride.
  • A past dental procedure such as a porcelain tooth or bonded area.
  • Dental trauma caused the inner layer of your tooth or dentin to darken.
  • Exposure to antibiotics like tetracycline (causes discolouration of both the primary and permanent dentitions) during tooth formation.

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening Better and Safer?

Health experts strongly urge people to get their teeth whitening done by a certified dentist or dental hygienist. Before beginning any whitening procedures, a dental specialist will examine your mouth. This is to prevent any unwanted issues from happening during the whitening procedure. For instance, if exposed to whitening agents, failed fillings or exposed dental roots could lead to serious medical consequences or unintended injury.

A medically approved teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment for most people. It produces more noticeable and tangible results than whitening toothpaste or over-the-counter DIY teeth whitening kits.


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