Cigarette Smoking Stains
Cigarette Smoking Stains

Can Teeth Scaling And Polishing Remove Cigarette Smoking Stains?

What Are Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

Teeth scaling and polishing is an important part of maintaining proper oral health. Scaling refers to the process of removing tartar and plaque from the surfaces of a tooth. Plaque, if left untouched, can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Polishing comes after scaling can smooth out irregular surfaces caused by tartar build-up, helps remove stains, and gives your teeth a healthy gleam. Teeth scaling and polishing should be done at least once a year to keep your mouth healthy.

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How Can Teeth Scaling and Polishing Be Done?

People usually visit their dentists or hygienists to get the procedures done. You can expect your first step to be a ‘scraping session’ to remove the deposits of plaque and tartar. Afterwards, an ultrasound scraper will be used to get rid of the accumulated tartar, while using specialised dental instruments to get rid of the stubborn remains.

Now, it is about the polishing step. We all want our teeth to be perfect and shiny. This procedure does not just remove stains, but it also removes little flaws and areas of rough texture from the teeth to prevent future plaque accumulation.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

1. Avoid cavities and tooth decay

Cavities and tooth decay are the first signs of any serious dental problem, therefore scaling your teeth can help you avoid them. The hardest component of your teeth, the enamel layer, could be damaged by the cavities, which serve as a breeding ground for plaque. So just think of the potential harm it may cause! Plaque is simply a film of white, sticky material on your teeth. Plaque can be prevented by seeing the dentist every six months for scaling in addition to practising good oral hygiene practices like brushing twice a day and flossing.

2. Prevent Periodontal Disease

Plaque, which causes a variety of issues, will damage your gums if it has grown below the gumline. This may also result in tooth loss. Cleaning or scaling your teeth will protect your gum line, a strong anchor for your teeth, and keep up overall good dental hygiene.

3. Remove Stains

Tinges appear on the teeth after consuming tobacco, wine, coloured beverages, tea, or coffee. It enables you to get rid of all these stains from and on your teeth, keep your smile, and to some extent lighten your teeth.

4. Prevent Bad Breath

Plaque, which is the root of many dental problems, traps germs and hardens into tartar on the teeth, which can cause halitosis or bad breath. You will observe some effects from regular brushing and flossing, but scaling is required to eradicate foul breath. Your mouth will feel cleaner when all bacteria, stains, tartar, and plaque have been removed.

5. Save Money On Restorative Dentistry

To your surprise, the cost of teeth cleaning is far less than the condition that develops without frequent teeth scaling as it aggravates dental troubles. There are numerous reasons why individuals don’t go for regular teeth scaling or cleaning, and one of them is to save money. If this occurs, you will need to spend more money on restorative dentistry or periodontal disease treatment. Teeth scaling is a component of preventative treatment and aids in preventing numerous dental diseases because prevention is always better than cure.

How Does Tobacco Stain Teeth?

Like your skin, your teeth have pores. These holes are easily penetrated by the nicotine and tar in tobacco, which results in a yellow or brown tint. Although nicotine is colourless on its own, it becomes yellow when mixed with oxygen. This implies that even “e-cigs” with nicotine-infused “juice” might cause tooth stains. Due to the way they inhale, smokers frequently develop teeth that are darker than others.


When chewing tobacco is used, the brown tobacco and saliva combine to produce a very stain-resistant dark brown liquid. Due to the liquid’s persistence (and the fact that it frequently sticks to the teeth for a lengthy period), the teeth it comes into contact with will be severely stained.

Why Are Cigarette Stains Difficult to Remove?

As a result of years of smoking, tobacco stains on teeth are frequently challenging to remove. The stains have permeated deeply into the enamel and frequently even reach the dentin’s outer layer.

Cigarette Stains On Tooth Edges

The main places where tartar accumulates on teeth are the edges (where two teeth meet). Since tar is significantly more porous than enamel, it will collect nicotine and tar stains much more quickly. The majority of individuals who exhibit discolouration on the edges of their teeth do not floss or receive regular dental cleanings.


Best Practices for Smokers After Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Do you think that’s all and you can continue smoking? Nuh-uh. If you don’t want your smoking stains to persist then it’s important to practise aftercare and take extra steps.


It is recommended to get chairside tooth whitening regularly to stop the condition from relapsing. A light-activated whitening procedure called “chairside whitening” is done at a dentist’s office. The procedure, also known as chairside bleaching, makes teeth quickly and frequently noticeably brighter. The bleaching agent is applied either as a gel that is put in a mouthpiece or as a strip that adheres to your teeth. Sometimes, whitening toothpaste is used. They have abrasives that clean enamel stains.


You can also use a home whitening kit for good measure. You can brighten up your teeth in the comfort of your home without going to a dentist. It will come with a clear set of user manuals for your convenience and all the whitening kits that can be seen on the market are approved by the relevant authorities. With a cheaper price point and lesser hassle, it provides fewer whitening effects than going to a professional treatment. 


You are ADVISED to get a legit home whitening kit from your dentist as they can recommend a safe and approved product suitable for general use. Some people may be tempted to buy a cheaper one which is below the market price, but it may come with adverse effects that can ruin your teeth condition.


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