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BIOLASE Laser System | White Perfect Dental Equipment

BIOLASE Laser System

Every day, technology continues to improve our lives. When it comes to taking care of your oral health, dentists are increasingly opting to use cutting-edge tools like dental lasers. Dental issues such as surgery, pain relief, and whitening can be successfully treated with gentle, minimally invasive techniques. At White Perfect dental clinic, you can get smile design, gum surgery, wisdom tooth gum removal, and teeth whitening treatments done faster, and recover almost immediately!

Digital xrays | White Perfect Dental Equipment

Digital X-Rays

We understand your concern about getting exposed to unwanted radiation. Fret not, we are well-equipped with digital radiographs! From intra-oral (small size covering 2-3 teeth), OPG (front view of all of your teeth and jaw bones), to Lat Ceph (side view of your skull to jaw bones), we have it all at our fingertips. The image will be ready instantly. Special collars and shields are also used to limit exposure to other parts of your body and neck.

Intra Oral Camera | White Perfect Dental Equipment

Intra Oral Camera

Photography is an effective tool for communication and expression. The dental world consists of microstructures that must be recorded in detail for patient education, and treatment documentation. Not sure which tooth the dentist is talking about? We can show it to you on the screen! An intra-oral camera makes it easier to find cavities in teeth, inspect gum conditions, and locate the sites of food lodgement. We can also show you the steps of the treatment, so that you get an idea what is going on. This can ease communication, allow more precision, and motivates you to keep your pearly white clean!

iTero Invisalign Scanner

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner is a touch-enabled scanner that allows us to digitally capture a 3D model of your teeth and gums.

The process is quick, clean and accurate. This means patients will experience less chair time with higher comfort level, with no more gagging from gooey material.

In fact, we are able to even pause if you wish to sneeze or simply need to raise an issue.

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner works with Invisalign system to give Outcome Simulation, in which patients can have an idea of how their teeth and smile will look like before and after the treatment.

With Invisalign Progress Assessment (IPA), it allows dentist to monitor progress of your treatment and to spot substantial difference between the projected results and exhibited results to ensure positive treatment outcome.

3Shape TRIOS Digital Intraoral Scanner

This scanner gives an accurate view of your teeth, gums, and all other oral structures in minutes. It provides a detailed 3D digital model for restorative dental work like crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and smile design.

It makes no space for errors and minimizes the discomfort that comes with holding an impression tray for several minutes.

With the ability of the scanner to measure shade of your teeth and record your own jaw movement, it helps dental laboratory produce the best restorative result with the most natural looking dental prosthesis.


A dental CBCT scan is a detailed and effective method of capturing information about your dental health.

During the scan, it rotates around the patient’s head and in less than a minute, 150-200 images are captured from different angles and compiled into a single 3D image that shows both bones and soft tissues.

The 3D image is then utilized in dental implant planning, visualization of abnormality, evaluation of the jaws and face, detecting potential dental issues such as tooth decay, bone loss, gum infections, irregularities of jaw joint and problems with the tooth roots or dental pulp.

A large part of successful dental treatment outcomes involve careful planning and this technology allows us to do so by identifying possible complication ahead of time.

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