Teeth Scaling and Polishing

We all know how important brushing your teeth routinely is to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but do you know that plaque and tartar may still build up even after you have ticked off all the basics? Brushing is an excellent way to clear off the bigger debris in places that are easy to reach on the surface enamel of your teeth.

But how about those hard-to-reach places? The backside of your teeth? Interdental gaps? These places are easily overlooked when you brush your teeth, especially when you do not have a solid teeth brushing technique and are always in a hurry in the morning. Over time, they result in the buildup of plaque and tartar, which may bring various diseases to your lovely teeth.

That is why brushing your teeth and gargling mouthwash is not enough, they need to be complemented with scaling and polishing to maintain the optimum condition for healthy teeth.

Scaling and Polishing are dental procedures that thoroughly remove dental calculus (also known as tartar) and plaques formed in regions around the crown and neck part of your teeth, which includes the gum. Dental calculuses are solid, stone-like chalky substances that are produced by bacteria that reside in your mouth.

These bacteria react with naturally produced calcium in your saliva and sugar that you consume and produce acids over time that will damage your teeth, leading to diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, teeth cavities, decay, bad breath, and even tooth fall-outs, among others. 

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Teeth Scaling and Polishing Q&A

Teeth Scaling can be done for everyone. Normally, it is recommended for everyone to visit a dental clinic to perform a dental checkup regularly. From there, dentists can consult you on whether scaling and polishing are necessary.

You may also request for scaling and polishing when you experience discomfort in your gum and teeth, or bad breaths, which may be signs of the calculus building up. Nevertheless, prevention is always better than cure, so get your teeth checked.

Upon appointment, our dentists will do a thorough checkup on your overall oral status, then proceed with scaling, then polishing. In White Perfect, the scaling procedure will involve using a cutting-edge ultrasonic instrument to vibrate and clear off plaques and tartars from the surrounding areas of your teeth.

However, there might still be areas that are hard to reach with these instruments, and in such cases, we will then proceed to use a hand instrument to scale deeper areas beneath the gum. After scaling is done, we will proceed to polish your enamels to remove stains and smoothen your teeth, giving a clean and glossy appearance to your teeth.

The smoothened surface of your teeth will also be easier to clean and thus slowing the buildup of plaques and tartars! You can now smile with more confidence!

Everyone is advised to regularly visit a dental clinic twice a year, or whenever they have complaints about their teeth and gums, this ensures that you will always have a healthy mouth.

When you visit our dental clinic, our dentists will examine your teeth and advise when scaling will be required. When you have good oral hygiene, scaling once or twice a year is encouraged. In a more complex condition, however, you might need additional scaling and polishing to clear off all the plaques and tartar.

Lifestyle and habits might also affect the scaling frequency, for example, people who frequently consume sweets, coffee, tea, or other food that will stain the teeth might require more scaling and polishing.

Since scaling and polishing require cleaning of the area around the teeth including the gums, there might be slight discomfort during the procedure. Most people find it painless when they have regularly done so, but this mostly depends on the degree of the plaque and tartar formed.

Nevertheless, rest assured. Having the most advanced instruments operated by professional and experienced dentists, we will ensure maximum comfort at all times. When required, we may also administer local anaesthesia to numb the area we worked on to ensure comfort. 

Scaling and polishing are preventive measures to avert gum diseases and tooth loss. Along with its main purpose, scaling and polishing will also give your teeth a better appearance by removing stains on the surface of the teeth. This procedure may also prevent bad breaths (halitosis) caused by a deposit of tartars.

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