Scaling And Polishing Vs. Teeth Whitening
Scaling And Polishing Vs. Teeth Whitening

Scaling And Polishing Vs. Whitening: What’s The Difference? | Teeth Whitening Price Malaysia

As part of our commitment to improving our patient’s smiles, we offer Teeth Scaling and Polishing as well as Teeth Whitening procedures.

You may have heard of both, but what are the differences? Both procedures are commonly practised and can improve your health and teeth appearance, but which procedure would be suitable for you? 

Let us guide you through!

What is Dental Scaling and Polishing?

Dental scaling and polishing is a routine procedure that dental professionals do to clean your teeth. Yes, you heard that right.

The dental hygiene routine you do every day at home is not enough to thoroughly clean your teeth, so the help of dentists is needed to remove stains, plaques, and tartar (also known as dental calculus) that are persistent and located in hard-to-reach places.

When left unattended for a long, the buildup of these minerals may damage your teeth and cause serious complications.

Scaling is performed using a specialized ultrasonic tool and hand instrument to remove plaque and calculus from the area surrounding the teeth, including areas below the gum line that cannot be reached by a toothbrush.

The last step is to polish the teeth, which removes surface stains, giving a clean look and smooth surface of the teeth. This procedure will not whiten your teeth, but it can give your teeth a clean look and restore your teeth to their natural colour.

Dental scaling and polishing are safe and effective ways to keep teeth clean and healthy.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a commonly practised dental cosmetic procedure to Lighten the colour of your teeth.

There are 2 types of teeth whitening procedures, which are chairside clinic whitening and Professional home whitening kits.

The principle behind both procedures is the same, that is to bleach his procedure is done by bleaching your teeth with a Hydrogen Peroxide gel.

For chairside treatment, our dentist will apply a higher concentration of gel, activated with a laser to speed up the process.

For professional home kits, our dentist will make a tray based on your dental structure, where you can apply the hydrogen peroxide gel at your convenience at home.

The key difference between both methods is the whitening rate, whereas chairside treatment is faster – almost instant compared to Home Kit which takes some time and needs consistent application. 

Teeth whitening is a safe and gentle procedure generally recognized as safe (GRAS) with minimum side effects.

Which Procedure do I Need? Teeth Whitening or Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

Since both procedures have different purposes and targets, it is important to know the key difference and which treatment you need.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure recommended for patients who have stained or discoloured teeth and wish to have their teeth whitened.

On the other hand, scaling and polishing is a medical procedure for dental clean-up to remove tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth.

While scaling and polishing can improve the teeth’s appearance to a certain degree, it will not whiten the teeth and will only restore them to their original colour.

Both treatments are safe and gentle on the mouth, suitable for people of any age.

If you are not sure which procedure is right for you, our dentists can consult you to make a decision based on your specific needs!

How does Teeth Whitening Price Malaysia compare to Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

The price of both procedures varies depending on the method used and the severity of your condition. 

Scaling, a more regularly practised procedure, is generally cheaper compared to teeth whitening. 

However, the price also depends on the severity and complexity of the scaling treatment needed for your condition.

For Teeth Whitening, a more affordable choice would be professional home kit whitening.

While chairside whitening offers an almost instant whitening effect, they are more expensive due to the instruments and materials used. Make an appointment with us, and we will make it clear to you!

How Often Do I Need My Teeth Whitened or Scaled and Polished?

The frequency of each treatment is usually determined by your lifestyle. Teeth whitening is usually only necessary every one to two years while teeth scaling and polishing are recommended twice a year as part of your general check-up.

However, the frequency of the treatments needed depends on a few factors such as consumption of certain products, how solid your dental hygiene routine is, and if you have certain conditions.

If you consume staining drinks such as coffee, tea, or red wine and smoke regularly, you may need to have your teeth whitened and cleaned more often.

If you don’t routinely brush your teeth, floss, and gargle mouthwashes, plaque, and tartar buildup will be faster. This means that you will need scaling and polishing more often. People who have certain conditions such as periodontitis are also recommended to get check-ups more often.

To conclude, teeth scaling and polishing are different from teeth whitening. While teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, scaling and polishing are meant for oral health.

Both procedures have benefits and side effects which should be considered before making a decision. If you still have more questions or are just curious, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly answer any questions you have.

Better yet, book an appointment with us, and we will consult you on which one you need!

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